Activities In Wilderness

Activities in Wilderness

Canoeing Wilderness:

One can pack a picnic and some swimming gear and head to the Touw River Rockpools. Paddle up the Touw River through the indigenous forest, where there is an abundance of birdlife. After about 40mins of easy paddling you will reach a point where it becomes too shallow and too narrow to continue. Leave the canoe on the right hand side of the river and follow the path up onto the bank. There you will come across a boardwalk which will take you past various rock pools. Relax, swim, picnic and return via the same way.

Island Lake is about a 1.5 to 2 hour paddle down the Serpentine River. Turning right into a tributary of the Touw River, continue through the meandering reedbeds to Island Lake. About half way there, one passes under the Hoekwil road bridge. Just after the bridge the reeds become very overgrown. Push through the reeds for about 20m and it will then open up again. At Island Lake there is a picnic site on the left. Return the same way. Round trip = 4 to 5 hours. Although scenery on this route is not spectacular it is often good for birdwatching. For those wanting to paddle to the beach, the river mouth is about 30 to 40 mins paddle from Eden Adventures. The river gets wider towards the mouth and banks become more developed, however it is still a lovely alternative. Kaaimans River: 
Although a short paddling option, there is a lovely waterfall that one can paddle to. We also offer abseiling at this waterfall.


Kloofing, also known canyoneering, is a popular summer activity. The fun starts as one negotiates one's body into a wetsuit. After kitting-up we go boulder hopping and swimming down narrow canyons with lush indigenous forest on either side. For the brave there are always the optional jumps off the cliffs into the cola coloured water below. 
All you need to bring is a costume, shoes or sandals that can get wet and a camera (we will carry it in a waterproof container for you). Also, don't forget your towel and dry clothes for the end.
The Half day Cappuccino Canyon (KaaimansKloof) is the most popular kloofing trip as it is a fantastic kloof for beginners, yet there are many jumping possibilities for the brave. The deep pools with towering cliffs offer spectacular scenery and an amazing introduction to kloofing.


Abseiling is all about using a rope and other specialised equipment to descend a cliff. The serene Kaaimans Gorge holds one of the most beautiful abseil sights you will find. You have a chance to do two 45m abseils right next to a magnificent waterfall. The first abseil is an easy one to get you used to the idea of trusting the ropes and the second one is slightly more technical, however just as exhilarating. What also makes this sight special is that you land in a canoe at the bottom. You need not have abseiled before, however it is not for the faint-hearted! It is also important to remember not to wear slippery shoes.

Call Eden Adventures for the above acitivities
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Map of Africa:

The 'Map of Africa' is an extraordinary viewpoint at Wilderness Heights. The small village of Wilderness is situated approximately 15km from George, driving on the N2 highway towards Knysna. Having traveled this road several times, I can vow it is very likely that you will see paragliders just as you have passed the Kaaimans River Bridge. The bright and colourful para-gliders, soaring against the open blues skies, make a beautiful picture. The Wilderness turn-off to the left takes you to the road that leads to Wilderness Heights. Just follow the road to the T-junction and turn left again. An information board shows the direction to Map of Africa. The last stretch to the view point is gravel road, but is very well maintained. This is a popular view point and a long row of cars are parked to the side of the road over a weekend. The views on both sides are awesome. To the right is the Map of Africa view point and to the left is a paragliding take-off spot.

Paragliding (Map of Africa):

This is a premier paragliding site in the Garden Route.

GRADING: BASIC /Students with Minimun 10 flights

ACCREDITATION:All pilots must be members of SAHPA

ALTITUDE: 153m above the waves.
Airspace ceiling at 465m, George Airport to NW of the site issue a NOTAM each season for our glider box.

DESCRIPTION: A mellow site with a fantastic view, overlooking the tranquil Indian Ocean and the holiday town of Wilderness. A favourite for flying schools.

WIND: SE .Max speed 25Kp/h

LAUNCH: A gently-sloped grass field which becomes steeper – with plenty of room for top landing.

LANDING: Anywhere on the beach, well clear of sunbathers and beach-goers. In busy season, please land beyond (to the east) of the rocks which border the first section of beach, as that is the most popular area for bathers.

PERMISSION: Jan Minnaar from Cloudbase Paragliding.

FEES: In order to maintain a high safety record and alleviate congestion, all pilots making use of the site are required to become members of the MAP JUMP CLUB.

ALL payments for the different categories of membership are done online only at We hope that you, the free flying community, will support us in our efforts to retain one of South Africa’s premier flying sites.


  • Max Ceiling 465m ASL
  • Wind direction South East Max 23kph (Check for true wind direction on beach)
  • Land only on designated beach landing area
  • DO NOT fly west across the Kaaimans River (in George CTR)
  • No Trike/PPC allowed
  • Avoid loitering around residences and stay a minimum of 40m away or above houses
  • No speed wing flying


  • Power lines to the West and North of the take-off area
  • Scratching on the main road (Have 10 metres clearance above the road)
  • Sudden gusts of wind (watch the water for an early warning)
  • Avoid people when landing on the beach
  • Speed Limit of 40km on dirt road